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Key4Two is i-Patrol's offering to individual users. It is a PAIR of KU-Disks with preset implicit hardware binding. Requiring no installation, the two disks can securely share and synchronize content with each other at different locations (such as one in office and another at home, or between two friends). More disks could be added to the "private network" by plug-n-pair, and they can work conveniently with Google Drive.

Key4N is multiple KU-Disks federated together to form a hardware-level secured social sharing network over private clouds or open networks (e.g. Google Drive).

Key4Companion is a software program (running on PC or mobile phone) or a peripheral hardware module for PC or mobile phone that can be configured to pair up with a KU-Disk to form a Key4Two pair. Key4Companion extends the security and identity key features of Key4Two to the general mobile device platform, i.e, it does not need USB interface or storage capability (instead it uses host PC or mobile phone's storage).


Memory Size: 8, 16, 32 GB
Supported Platform: All functions on Mac OSX (Intel), Windows XP, Vista and 7
Software Installation: Not Required using Portable Apps
Local Storage Encryption: AES 128-bit
Cloud-Storage Encryption: AES 128-bit
Password Encryption: AES 256-bit
Authentication and Security: Dedicated hardware security electronics
Feature Highlights
Secure and reliable file storage (as normal USB)
Password encryption
Online Authentication
Automatic file management interface
Tracking and remote file deletion when disk is lost
Data retrieval when disk is damaged or lost
Authentication and Security:
Secure personal password wallet (remember personal account and password)
Sync up content with could storage (e.g. Google Drive)
Sharing between two or multiple KU-Disks
Usage Scenario
Password Protected USB with Encrypted Cloud Backup
File sharing between home and office
File sharing between friends/colleagues
Data retrieval after lost of USB or forget password
Management a lot of files and use them with ease


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